Rules of Play

  1. We Practice Risk-Aware Consensual Kink. RACK is a philosophical framework that acknowledges that risk (major or minor) is inherent in all kink play, and that only through this awareness can informed consent be given.
  2. Restricted Activities No fire play or scat (including messy diapers). Needles & blood play are allowed only with prior permission from the hosts.
  3. Respect Limits Players should discuss the risks, parameters, and limits, and ensure enthusiastic consent is given prior to play. Players should not engage in kink play if they are inebriated. Hosts reserve the right to ask players to stop immediately if they appear to be unsafe.
  4. Ask Before Touching You learned this in kindergarten, and it’s not just for Little’s. Don’t touch anyone without consent, and ask before using someone else’s rope, toys, or equipment.
  5. Be Respectful The dungeon is a public space, but respect is paramount during a scene. Keep talk and comments at a low volume. Noise can be distracting for those playing. Good kink creates a connection between the players, shifting their mindset into their play scene. Never interrupt a scene in progress. If you are concerned about the direction of a scene, please bring it to the attention of the party hosts.
  6. Safewords “Red” is the universal safeword* at The Haunted Cathouse. Players may employ other safewords or signals agreed on before they start playing. Respecting limits includes stopping play as soon as a bottom uses a safeword. Safewords do not replace good communication between players before and during play.
  7. Time Limits To ensure everyone gets a chance to play, please limit your scene to 45 minutes or less.
  8. Stay Hydrated Offer your bottom(s) water at times during a scene. This helps them stay hydrated and not get overheated.
  9. Clean Up After Yourself Clean up play equipment and area after use. Sanitation wipes are available in the dungeon.
  10. Aftercare Make sure you provide adequate aftercare. Cuddles, blankets, water, etc.

BONUS: Finding Playmates Our parties attract both experienced and novice players. If you want to play with someone, ask if they would like to <fill in the activity you’re interested in>. To that end, each event invite will have a Connections thread, where players can post their interests to find partners.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in repercussions up to and including ejection from the premises, and being blacklisted from future events. Last Revised: 2019-05-04