Vermin Supreme Wishes us a happy Interdependence Day!

What’s up, spooksters and ghouls? We’ve got a story that’ll make you lose your heads (in a good way, of course). Our boy Petro hooked us up with something so delightfully bizarre, we just had to share it with you all!

Picture this: a personal message from none other than Vermin Supreme, the internet’s favorite pony-loving, boot-on-the-head-wearing, toothpaste aficionado! That’s right, the man himself graced us with a video filled with wacky antics, magical ponies, and the usual Vermin charm.

Vermin Supreme’s Interdependence Day Message To The Haunted Cathouse

In the video, Vermin sends his greetings to everyone at the Haunted Cathouse, including Roach, Petro, and all our creepy comrades. He wished us a Happy Interdependence Day and expressed his excitement about people coming together again in the post-pandemic world. He reminded us to party safely, spread the love, and check in on one another.

Vermin also mentioned the importance of having safe spaces like the Haunted Cathouse for the LGBTQ+ community and others. By executive fiat order, he declared that Tony will receive a magic backpack in lieu of a pony – a highly irregular occurrence, but hey, we’re not complaining!

In true Vermin fashion, he then went on to describe the road to “Ponatopia,” a glittery, zombie-powered utopia that only true pony lovers can appreciate. He finished his message by asking the all-important question: “What are you going to name your pony?”

So, there you have it, folks. A personal video message from the one and only Vermin Supreme, full of love, ponies, and his signature quirky style. We’re beyond stoked to have received this message and will treasure it as a testament to the weird and wonderful world we live in.

Thank you, Petro, for this outrageous surprise, and to Vermin Supreme for brightening our day with your magical ponies and bizarre wisdom. It’s moments like these that remind us why we love the Cathouse community so fuckin’ much!

Stay strange Cathouse Crew, and may your road to Ponatopia be paved with glitter encrusted skulls and zombie-powered awesomeness!