10 Essential Party Tips For Keeping It Real In The Virtual

  1. Bookmark (CTRL+D)  haunted.cathou.se for access to the virtual event (links activated ~30 mins before party starts)
  2. Get your Zoom account set up (Zoom Getting Started Guide)
  3. Prepare your outfit(s). Wear whatever makes you comfortable, but the more outlandish the better. Several outfits recommended for different parts of the event.
  4. Prep the dance floor in your space. Party lights, bumpin’ sound system, etc.
  5. Gather your favorite beverages, snacks, and recreational substances**
  6. Add a few virtual backgrounds to your Zoom to help set the mood (Using Virtual Background in a Zoom Room)
  7. For extra virtual realness with SnapChat Filters and Virtual Costumes, install Snap Camera on your desktop computer
  8. Move with the party: IE when you go to the bedroom, move your laptop to your actual bedroom. Prep your bathtub for hot tub portion of the event.
  9. Refer to the party map to plan your party itinerary
  10. Remember, this party is real. Be sure to keep it real at all times.

** Legal and state-sanctioned, obv